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You will find below details of how we collect, store and use your personal data through the BoxUp application.

1. Introduction

When you use BoxUp, you entrust us with your personal data. Your trust is important to us. We therefore invite you to explore our privacy practices together.

This policy describes the personal data (“data”) we collect, how we store, use and disclose it, and the options you have regarding it.

2. Overview

     2.1 Scope

This policy applies to all BoxUp users in all countries, including users of BoxUp apps, websites, features and other services.

It describes how BoxUp collects and uses data. This policy applies to all BoxUp users worldwide. In particular, this policy applies to the following users:

  • Users: persons who interact with one or more products and/or services developed by BoxUp from their BoxUp account.

In this Privacy Policy, all persons subject to this Privacy Policy are referred to as “Users”.

Our privacy practices are subject to the laws applicable in the countries where we operate. This means that we apply the practices described in this policy in a country or region only if permitted by law in that location.

Please contact us by clicking here or using the addresses below if you have any questions about our practices in a particular country or region.

     2.2 Control and transfer of data

BoxUp SA is the controller of data collected in connection with the use of BoxUp services worldwide.

BoxUp SA operates and processes personal data worldwide; wherever and whenever you travel, your data travels with you so that we can provide you with the best possible experience. We also respect your data protection rights, whether you are in your home country or elsewhere.

We do this in order to comply with our agreements with all our users, or based on users’ instructions or prior consent, rulings on merits in the countries concerned or other transfer mechanisms available to us under applicable law, such as standard contractual clauses.

We may also transfer data to other countries in order to respond to a request for personal data from a law enforcement agency. To provide additional security to such data transfers, BoxUp applies a rigorous internal procedure to handle such requests. BoxUp discloses personal data to law enforcement agencies only in a manner that complies with the regulatory requirements of applicable laws, such as the GDPR.

To help provide equivalent data protection wherever you use our services, BoxUp has implemented the following measures worldwide:

  • Policies and procedures to limit access to and processing of personal data for defined purposes;
  • Specific training of personnel responsible for the management of personal data;
  • A personal data access policy aimed at government institutions under which they may not access personal data except where disclosure is required by applicable laws, including the EU GDPR, there is an imminent risk of serious harm to individuals or consent is obtained;
  • Rigorous protection of data in transit between BoxUp apps and our servers, and when data is processed on our servers. This includes encryption and the use of anonymised data to protect the full identity of users from unauthorised disclosure.

For your convenience, the exercise of your data protection rights may be addressed to BoxUp through one of the designated channels mentioned above, and will be handled centrally on behalf of the relevant controller. Please submit your questions, comments and complaints about BoxUp’s data practices here. You may also use this form to submit a question to BoxUp’s Data Protection Officer and request a copy of the standard contractual clauses or other transfer mechanisms in place for the data processing of your request.

3. Collection and use of data

The data we collect

BoxUp collects data :

  • provided to BoxUp by users, such as when creating an account;
  • created during the use of our services, such as location, device and app usage data;

BoxUp collects the following data:

     3.1 Data provided by users. This data includes the following:

  • User Profile Information: We collect data when users create or update their BoxUp account or use BoxUp services through the app. This may include their name, email address, phone number, username and password, address, profile picture, driving licence, and other government-issued documents (which may include identification numbers, date of birth, gender, and photograph).
  • Identity Verification: BoxUp uses an artificial intelligence recognition system to enable verification of the User’s identity document. This includes government-issued identity documents (such as driving licence or passport). In case of non-recognition of the document by this system, BoxUp may offer, with the prior consent of the User, to receive a photo of his/her document through its digital communication tools (chat or email). Please consult the section entitled “Our use of personal data” to learn more about how the verification of User identity is used for security purposes.
  • Demographic Data: We may collect demographic data about users, such as date of birth and age, gender or occupation, when required for certain BoxUp services or programs. We may also collect demographic data, such as age group and household composition, through user surveys, and use this information to improve our services and communicate the results to individual BoxUp station owners.
  • We may also infer demographic information from other data collected from users. For example, we may infer a user’s gender based on their first name to improve the accuracy of our statistical feedback. Please see the “Our use of personal data” section below for more information.
  • User Content: We collect data submitted by users when they contact BoxUp customer service, rate or provide feedback to other users, or otherwise contact BoxUp. This may include photos, audio or video recordings submitted by users as part of a request for customer service assistance. This also includes metadata relating to the method they use to communicate with BoxUp. The content of texts, photos and recordings sent by users is subject to the guidelines of the BoxUp community.

Recordings and uploads made in the app are encrypted and are not stored on users’ devices. They are transmitted directly to BoxUp servers as soon as the user sends them through the application.

     3.2 Data created during the use of our services

  • Activity Data: We collect information on activities related to the use of our services, including the type of services requested or provided, details of user activity (such as time of activity, items used, returns by text or photo).
  • Usage data: We collect data about how users interact with our services. This includes dates and times of access, app functionality or pages viewed, browser type, app crashes and other system activity.
  • Device Data: We collect data about the devices used to access our services, including device model, IP address or other unique identifiers, operating system and versions, software, preferred languages, device movement data and mobile network data.
  • Communications Data: We collect data about telephone, text message and in-app communications between users that are activated through the BoxUp application. This includes the date and time, as well as the content of text messages or in-app messages. We may also collect the content of telephone calls only when users receive advance notice that the call may be recorded.

      3.3 Our use of personal data

At BoxUp, we use data to provide reliable and convenient services for the provision of equipment, as well as other products and services. The data collected is in no way used for commercial purposes or shared with third-party companies for this purpose. BoxUp holds the sole and exclusive right to the user’s personal data collected through the application and uses them for the following purposes:

  • To provide, administer, maintain and/or analyse the services;
  • To improve the services and conduct research;
  • To communicate with users
  • To develop new programmes and services with partners mandated by BoxUp in this context;
  • Prevent fraud, criminal activity or abuse of our services, and protect the security of our computer systems, our architecture and our networks for the transfer of activities.
  • To comply with legal obligations and legal process and to protect our rights, privacy, safety or property, and/or those of our affiliates, you or other third parties.

     3.4 Providing and maintaining our services

We use data to provide, personalise, maintain and improve BoxUp’s services.This includes using data for the following:

  • Allow access to the use of products developed by BoxUp via your location data.
  • Create or update accounts.
  • To contact users directly in the event of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of use.
  • Provide users with updates on the services or products developed and inform them of changes to our conditions, services or policies.
  • Carry out operations necessary to maintain our services, including the resolution of software bugs and operational problems.

     3.5 Security

We use data to maintain the security and integrity of our services and our users. This data includes the following:

  • Verifying the identity of users and their eligibility to access BoxUp services, in order to prevent the use of our services by dangerous or malicious users.
  • Use ratings, reported incidents and other user comments to ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions and as grounds for disabling the accounts of users who may be in breach of our Terms and Conditions.
  • Use data related to device, location, user profile, usage, etc. to prevent, detect and counter other forms of fraud, including identifying fraudulent accounts or fraudulent uses of our services, preventing the use of our services by unauthorised users, verifying the identity of users, and preventing and eliminating unauthorised access to user accounts.

     3.6 Customer Service

BoxUp uses the information collected (which may include audio recordings, videos and photos) to provide customer service, including to investigate and respond to user concerns and to monitor and improve our customer service responses and processes.BoxUp performs the above activities because they are necessary to comply with the terms of its agreements with users or for the purposes of BoxUp’s legitimate interest in monitoring and improving its customer support services.

4. Research and development

BoxUp uses the data collected for testing, research, analysis, product development and machine learning to improve the user experience. This helps to make our services more convenient and easy to use, to enhance their security and to develop new services and features.BoxUp performs the above activities because they are necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests in improving and developing new services and features.

5. Marketing and advertising

BoxUp uses data to communicate about its services only. This data may include the following:

Sending emails, text messages, push notifications and in-app messages or other marketing or advertising communications about BoxUp products, services, features, offers, promotions, contests, news and events.

6. Non-marketing communications

BoxUp may use data to send surveys and other communications for the purpose of better understanding and improving BoxUp’s services or products.

BoxUp engages in the above activities because they are necessary to fulfill the terms of its agreements with users, or for the legitimate interests of BoxUp and its users to inform users of events that may affect their use of BoxUp services.

7. Legal proceedings and obligations

We use Personal Data to investigate or process claims or disputes related to the use of the BoxUp Services; to meet the requirements of applicable laws, regulations, or licenses and operating agreements; or pursuant to legal process or governmental request, including law enforcement.

BoxUp performs the above activities because they are necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests in investigating and processing claims and disputes related to the use of BoxUpr’s services and features, or they are necessary to comply with applicable legal obligations.

     7.1 Data sharing and disclosure

We may share data with our affiliates, subsidiaries and partners for legal purposes or in connection with claims or litigation.

BoxUp may share data:

At the request of the user

As part of the execution of its service, BoxUp may share data directly with the user. For example, in the context of a loss of connection access to the application or specific requests.

This includes in particular:

  • background check and identity confirmation providers;
  • Cloud storage providers;
  • research partners, in particular those who carry out studies and projects in collaboration with BoxUp or on its behalf;
  • suppliers who help BoxUp to reinforce the security of BoxUp’s apps and services;
  • Consultants, lawyers, accountants and other professional service providers;
  • insurance and financial partners;

For legal reasons or in the event of litigation

We may disclose user data if we believe that disclosure is required by applicable law, regulation, license or operating agreement, legal process or governmental request, or where disclosure is appropriate for security or similar reasons.

This includes disclosing data to law enforcement, other governmental authorities, or any other third party in order to comply with BoxUp’s terms and conditions of use, user agreements or other policies to defend the rights and property of BoxUp or the rights, safety and property of third parties; or in the event of a claim or dispute regarding the use of our services. In the event of a dispute regarding the use of another person’s identity document, we may be legally obliged to disclose your data, including errand or order data, with the cardholder.

This also includes disclosing data to other entities in connection with negotiations or activities relating to any merger, sale of assets, consolidation, restructuring or acquisition, or any financing of all or part of our business or of all or part of another business by us.

With consent

BoxUp may disclose a user’s data in ways other than those described in this policy by notifying the user and if the user consents to the disclosure.

     7.2 Data retention and deletion

BoxUp retains user data for as long as necessary for the purposes described above, including to provide its services and to comply with legal obligations.

BoxUp retains user data for as long as necessary for the purposes described above. The period for which we retain user data is determined by the type of data, the category of users to which the data relates and the purposes for which we collected it.

The length of time BoxUp retains user data may also be determined by legal and regulatory requirements, for security and fraud prevention purposes, or by issues related to the user’s account, such as unpaid credit or an unresolved claim or dispute.

For example, we retain data :

  • for the lifetime of users’ accounts if the data is necessary to provide our services. E.g. user profile information and identifiers;
  • for defined periods necessary for security or fraud prevention purposes (e.g. in the event of account blocking);
  • after a request for account deletion, if this is necessary for security, fraud prevention or compliance with legal requirements, or because of problems with the user’s account (such as an unresolved claim or dispute).

Users may request deletion of their account at any time. BoxUp may retain user data after a deletion request due to legal or regulatory requirements or for the reasons set out in this policy.

Users may request deletion of their account at any time from the mobile application menu under the profile section, also from the contact section of the website.

After an account deletion request, BoxUp will delete the account and user data, unless it needs to retain them due to legal or regulatory requirements, for security or fraud prevention purposes, or due to a problem with the user’s account, such as use that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions, an unresolved claim or dispute. User data is generally deleted within 90 days of a deletion request, unless retention is necessary for the reasons listed above.

8. Choice and transparency

BoxUp allows its users to view or control the data it collects, including through:

  • privacy settings;
  • device access permissions;
  • evaluation pages in the app;

BoxUp also allows users to request access to or copies of their data, make changes or updates to their accounts, or request deletion of their accounts or restriction of BoxUp’s processing of their data.

     8.1 Privacy settings

BoxUp sends users notifications regarding the status of their use and updates regarding their account activity. These notifications are necessary for the proper functioning of the BoxUp app and cannot be disabled.

Notifications: news

Users can allow BoxUp to send push notifications about BoxUp news. Push notifications can be enabled or disabled in the Settings > Privacy menus of the BoxUp app.

     8.2 Device access permissions

Most mobile device platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) have defined certain types of device data that apps cannot access without the permission of the device owner, and these platforms offer different methods of obtaining this permission. Please check your device settings or contact your provider.

     8.3 Evaluation pages in the app

After each use, users can rate their experience with a score from one to five as well as giving text or photo feedback directly from the app.

This system helps to hold all parties accountable for their behaviour. Accountability helps create a respectful and safe environment for BoxUp users and helps customer service maintain a quality service.

     8.4 Data processing requests

BoxUp provides its users with various ways to find out about the processing of their data, to monitor this processing and to send questions and comments about it.

Access to data:
Users can access data, their profile data (email address, phone number) and their usage history from the BoxUp application. Users may also request access to their data by contacting support by email or through the chat available from the application.

Data portability:
Users may request a copy of their data by contacting support by email or through the chat available from the application.

Modifying or updating data:
Users can change their email address in the BoxUp Settings. Users can also request an update or rectification of their data by contacting support by email or through the chat available from the application.

Deletion of data:
Users may request the deletion of their account at any time from the menu, profile section, of the BoxUp app.

Objections, restrictions and complaints:
Users may request that we stop using all or part of their data, or restrict the use of their data (passengers and order recipients here; drivers and delivery drivers here). This includes objecting to BoxUp’s use of data on the basis of BoxUp’s legitimate interests. BoxUp may continue to process data after such an objection or request to the extent required or permitted by law.

In addition, depending on their location, users may have the right to lodge a complaint against BoxUp in relation to the processing of their data with the data protection authority in their country. For example, users who are in the European Union or Canada may submit such a request to the data protection authorities in the country where they live.

Users who reside in the United States may request a review of our decision if BoxUp is unable to respond to or denies a user’s data request. Users may appeal our decision here.

9. Updates to this policy

We may update this policy from time to time.

We may update this policy from time to time. If we make material changes, we may notify users via the BoxUp application or by other means, including email. We encourage users to review this policy regularly to stay informed of our evolving privacy practices.

Use of our services following an update constitutes consent to the updated policy to the extent permitted by law.

V.11.23 – BoxUp SA

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